TKT Module 1

TKT Module 1 covers topics related to factors that affect language learning and teaching. It also tests your knowledge of terms and concepts commonly used in English language learning and teaching. This Module is quite lengthy compared to other core Modules as it includes an array of lessons. 

What is included in TKT Module 1?

Known as the Module of ‘Background to Language Learning and Teaching’,  TKT Module 1 consists of 18 lessons categorised under three sections as follows:

Most TKT learners start with TKT Module 1. Anyone with no prior teaching experience can begin by exploring language-related concepts and gradually move on to learning and teaching-related concepts.

TKT Module 1 lesson navigator

Do you want to start with lessons? Completing the following 18 lessons in this lesson navigator will get you on everything you need for TKT Module 1. It is recommended to start with lessons under ‘Describing language and language skills’ section first. 

Describing language and language skills















Background to language learning




Exposure and focus on form​


The role of error​


Differences between L1 and L2 learning


Learner characteristics​


Learner needs​


Approaches to language teaching​

Background to language teaching


Presentation techniques and introductory activities​​


Practice activities and tasks for language and skills development​​


Assessment types and tasks​​

Would it be better to take TKT Module 1 separately?

You can take any number of modules in a single sitting, whether it’s one, two, or all three modules. However, please note that attempting several modules at once requires a significant amount of exam preparation. During the exam, it consumes a lot of energy and demands a higher level of concentration. As TKT Module 1 lengthy, for beginners, it is recommended to take Module 1 separately. 

How will you be assessed?

Each test consists of 80 questions, which are 3-option multiple choice and matching questions. The duration of the test will be 1 hour and 20 minutes (80 minutes)Completing each module earns you a certificate with a Band.

Band indicates your performance in the test. There are four Bands, ranging from Band 1 to Band 4, with Band 1 being the lowest and Band 4 the highest. Here are the four Bands along with the number of correct answers required:

Although you are awarded a certificate regardless of the Band you have obtained, from an employability perspective, Band 3 is considered the minimum. Any Band lower than Band 3 carries very insignificant recognition.

How can I take the test?

If you follow a prep course at a language institute, they will usually take care of exam registration. If you study on your own, you will need to register for the tests at a Cambridge-approved exam center. Don’t worry; it’s a straightforward process.

The procedure may vary slightly from country to country and from center to center, but in general, it is similar to the one described above.

How much does it cost to do TKT Module 1?

If you have chosen the self-study option, it will cost you only the exam fees. The exam fee varies from country to country, and there could be slight variations in the fee from center to center within the same country. However, at the end of the day, the self-study option will save you a considerable amount of money. 

Should I do TKT Module 1 first to progress to next Modules?

All the TKT Modules are stand-alone, so you can start with any module first. It is important to note that the numbers associated with core modules (1, 2, and 3) do not denote any progression from one module to another.

I want to self-study for TKT. Where should I start?

Excellent! This website has got everything you need to get TKT Module 1 at no cost. 
Please move to the lesson navigator section of this page. 

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