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Our TKT Cambridge platform provides you with the tools you need to prepare for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) offered by Cambridge Language Assessment at your own pace, anywhere, and anytime. Say goodbye to expensive TKT preparation courses, and start your TKT journey today with just a click! 


What is TKT Cambridge?

TKT Cambridge is a privately owned online platform, started out with passion to help Cambridge TKT exam candidates, and to educate ELT professionals in general. 

Whether you are a new teacher or an experienced educator, our TKT expertise and knowledge can help you to succeed in the TKT exam and advance your teaching career. 


How we support you


TKT Cambridge Learning Resources

TKT Cambridge provides comprehensive TKT learning resources at no cost. Start your ELT dream from scratch!


TKT Glossary

TKT is mostly about mastering ELT terminology. TKT Cambridge has dedicated an entire section to deal with 500+ ELT terms.


TKT Cambridge TKTiers' Blog

Keep yourself updated of the new and reflect back on what you already know. TKT Cambridge TKTiers' blog is all about that!

Who TKT Cambridge is for?

Our learning materials and resources are primarily aimed at Cambrige TKT exam candidates, however, not only for them. Our resources will be useful for:

Cambridge CELTA learners​

CELTA trainees with no previous teaching experience will find these resources helpful for them to develop a better foundation.

In-service English teachers​

Stay upto-date with the new trends is crucial in any field, and teacher who are already in-service will find blog articles will be helpful for them to keep in touch with trends.

TEFL/TESOL learners​

All TEFL/TESOL courses are more or less related to TKT content and terminology. Use these materials to serve you in your TESOL/TEFL.

Anyone dreams to teach English​

You are passionate to enter ELT and being an English teacher is your dream. Why don't you give your dreams wings with our resources?

TRAINER - TKT Cambridge

Meet Noel

Noel Perera
Noel is passionate about helping new teachers develop their skills and advance their careers. He has worked with hundreds of TKT candidates from around the world, helping them prepare for the exam and improve their teaching techniques. TKT Cambridge is a repository of his knowledge and expertise acquired over 18+ years of his career as an English teacher and trainer.
Noel Perera